Published by ANNE DENIAU aka ANN RAY

Life is writing on a white page.

Not really.
The white page is ony given once.
Life is just re-writing.
We just get one white page. And we keep writing endlessly on a dirty overwritten page.

Until the moment when we know exactly what to write, and there is no more white space.

Unless we get an extra-ordinary new page, and get tetanized by so much white space. All of a sudden unable to write a single word. 

The unequalled absurdity of life as a blank page, here is what I saw in her pale blue eyes.

1/6 in "White pages" story, published in "The Independent" Sat. Magazine, London.
As you know by now : Cyanotype, i.e. "Alternative Process"
©Anne Deniau, 2000

There are certainly many weird ways to deal with the white page thing...

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Frank W 05/09/2009 22:16

You're a genuine artist. You seem to be a happy & sad person. Absolutely moving. Your work is amazing. Thank you, please never stop writing on your white page.