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I like keys. As I like doors, windows, and eyes. Wide open.

I like the old keys, when you find them and you have no idea of what they may open.

I have some key sentences :
"that was not necessary"
"I can fly if asked gently".
I love this one, it can be used in many situations. I wrote this a long time ago, maybe I was 14, never mind...

No, I surely don't have the keys. I can deal with that. I joyfully accept these feelings.

I met an angel in the south of France. Since then, we've been flying together. Nice trip. No, you're wrong. She's a She.

I finally called the painter, and left a surrealistic message. And he called back. Same day.

I met a woman who proved to be my sister, her hair is orange as I always wanted to have it since Milla said "pleaaaase".

I was wearing a white dress the other day. Not black, white.

I remember this key-instant that came with a subtle warning, like a discreet aura to tell me "an instant to remember". There was a pair of shoes involved. And nothing was futile.

I had a non-birthday party, yes, in wonderland. It was fun, and soft, and warm. Sparkling laughs.


I met this precious friend from the North, her name is Groete Dik, actually she hardly exists.

I wish sometimes people would give me some keys for their labyrinthe. I sometimes have a blur vision : I could read "welcome" on an Exit door.

I was thinking of some musiciens not seen for a significant time, so they called at this very moment and say : in Paris the day after tomorrow.

This is another key-word : the day after tomorrow.

Yes, I can fly if asked gently.
When saying these words recently, somebody told me the story of this actor who did not want to do a commercial short movie. The director was trying to convince him : "But very few people would see it, it's a national ad, it won't be noticed, nobody will know." Then the actor answered : "So, it would be like writing a letter to the moon ?"
Let me give you one more key : The day before yesterday I was 21 years old. No kidding. Here is the picture of the moon the day when I was born :

Beautiful, n'est-ce-pas ?
"N'est-ce-pas ?", key-words again. Bettina used to say that, quite often.


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Emeline 06/23/2009 07:50

Finalement, ce sera plutôt un commentaire matinal... Hier soir, mes quatre neurones n'établissaient plus de connexions... !

J'adore cet article, les bribes de réponses et les morceaux de puzzle, le non anniversaire, la lune et les rencontres qui émaillent une vie. Et je suis fière, du coup.

Je t'embrasse - vais m'y mettre aussi ;)