Published by ANNE DENIAU aka ANN RAY

I had a rendez-vous. 1st of July, for a shooting.

I went there early, in a peculiar place, a theatre. I had to check the venue. Get some ideas. Organize the shooting, get ready, set the light.

But nobody warned me. I arrived there, and just like that, by surprise, in front of me, I could see THE secret. They were re-painting the moon. It was here, in front of my eyes. A pure dream, and nevertheless it was real. I forgot about my shooting, the portrait to be done, the light, etc.
I could not care less. I was staying there, ignorant of time, watching and photographing 2 persons, painting the moon in shades of blue and grey and black ; their arms were making endlessly the same gestures, the heat was heavy, they kept working like workers of August Sander. I thought about "le mythe de Sisyphe". Of course for Camus this was part of the "cycle de l'absurde", talk to me about it ! It seemed they would never finish the job, I could come back a million years later, they would stil be there. Painting the surface of the moon.

Now I know, how and where they do it. Unforgettable.
I know, I should have called someone. But did you see the telephone here ?!? 




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