Published by ANNE DENIAU aka ANN RAY

I love that woman.

Who she is, what she thinks, who she sees, where she dreams, how she deals with reality.

Tonight was a photo session. Real work.
Usually when it's over I collapse.
Not this time.

I've been flying.

It's been a while since I know that this woman is an Angel.
Rock'n roll, for sure. Anyway. An Angel.
And tonight evrybody in the studio could see it.

A like Angel.

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mimylasouris 01/25/2010 23:59

I haven't (unfortunatly). Why should have ? It's you, who were flying, after all.

Anne D. 01/25/2010 23:31

Waooo ! I didn't see the wings ! ;-) Well done, Dear... Or maybe you have a special connection with angels ?!? mm mm...

mimylasouris 01/25/2010 22:53

Well tried, indeed, but she can't hide her wings and pretend it's only the shadow of the umbrella (although it provides a good disguise for her halo) ^^