Published by ANNE DENIAU aka ANN RAY


Sometimes 24 hours contain more than 24 days. London will always be London, special in more than 24 ways. A place for ancient and new friends. A place with this sudden fragile thought : "I think I'm happy".


Please don't go. I have to go. Be around all the time.


That's why I don't need much words for London. Some things did happen, happen, and will happen. This is London. 24 hours. 24 images.



00-londonVen13 8039

Set the clouds free.



00-londonVen13 8095 00-londonVen13 8097

Waiting or not waiting.



00-londonVen13 8103

Life is a contact-sheet.



00-londonVen13 8109

Have a seat.



00-londonVen13 8121

We need to talk.




00-londonVen13 8122

On my way.



00-londonVen13 8127

You look better with a Leica.




00-londonVen13 8161




00-londonVen13 8178

Curtains always open.



00-londonVen13 8190 00-londonVen13 8184

Black moon, white moon. Blank & Want.



00-londonVen13 8213 00-londonVen13 8215

(Please don't go)(I have to go) Silence.



00-londonVen13 8231

Running late.



00-londonVen13 8236

Perception is not reality.



00-londonVen13 8291

Red light / Do not enter.







00-londonVen13 8294

This way.



00-londonVen13 8297





00-londonVen13 8302 00-londonVen13 8308

Do, don't, 24 hours.




00-londonVen13 8312

Try again.



00-londonVen13 8325

Be around all the time.




00-londonVen13 8330

'guess that's what trains are made for.






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