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B like Beautiful city. New-York City. I can't be sure, but I suspect it was the 17th time.

I always need a little time, 24 or 33 hours or so. Since first I feel tiny. I look at NY city from inside. Then I go outside, a few moments, and come back inside. I look through the window again. And go outside again. And again. Inside, outside. It's a process. Until the city grasps me. Embraces me. Catches me. And then I'm ready. I'm in. And I can stay outside, inside that City. NYC. 

This time it didn't work that way. I felt tiny for a little while. I needed a little more time. A few more days. 7, exactly. Until the city finally embraced me. It happens. I was staying for 13 days.

This time NY was NY : tender and brutal, enchanting and exhausting, illuminating and fading. I don't mind. I have a srong tendency to enthusiasm. In June and July, NY has been amazingly nice with me. This time it was a bit less... a bit more... it was different. It was tough. It was sweet. It was NY reminding me about its truth, reminding me about contrast. And I loved it that way too.

17, 24, 33, 7, 13. Random figures and facts.

No matter what. I don't care. Whatever it takes. 

In my eyes, NY keeps its raw beauty, and it will, endlessly. Beautiful city. Timeless beauty. Endless attraction. 




0-NYnov2011 8439

Woman walking, 1



0-NYnov2011 8456

Room with a view, 1


0-NYnov2011 8466bw

Hello Stranger.



0-NYnov2011 8478

Keeping an eye on you.




0-NYnov2011 8494

- That's your room

- I'm not surprised




0-NYnov2011 8498bw

- Didn't know that snow-white had a sister.

- Fairy tales are different here.




0-NYnov2011 8520

Woman walking, 2 (I'll be on the roof, 1)




0-NYnov2011 8521

- Not a single cloud...

- It will be snowing the day after tomorrow...

- ?!?




0-NYnov2011 8523

Life is a puzzle, 1




0-NYnov2011 8534

- Don't know where I am

- Keep walking



0-NYnov2011 9351

The Yellow attraction.




0-NYnov2011 9353

Intimate. Anonymous. VS : Intimous. Anonymate.




0-NYnov2011 8541




0-NYnov2011 8543





0-NYnov2011 8548

Woman thinking, 1




0-NYnov2011 8551

Halloween, 1



0-NYnov2011 8565bw

Always back to this garage. The Hopper's garage.



0-NYnov2011 8568

I know what this sign reminds me. Same number of letters, red neon. White on red.




0-NYnov2011 8572bw

- You're a new-yorker, and you've never seen "an affair to remember" ? 




0-NYnov2011 8583

Take me high, 1




0-NYnov2011 8626

Familiar silhouettes, 1




0-NYnov2011 8601

Familiar silhouettes, 2.

Pure joy. Not even trying to deny it.




0-NYnov2011 8618

Take me higher.




0-NYnov2011 8629

The original one. Genuine.




0-NYnov2011 8645

I'll be on the roof, 2




0-NYnov2011 8660

Every night. (Leave the blue door open)




0-NYnov2011 8738

Every morning.




0-NYnov2011 8671

"I am". Already a good beginning.




0-NYnov2011 8670

Some places.




0-NYnov2011 8686

Hopper is back, 'see...




0-NYnov2011 8694

Random melancholy.




0-NYnov2011 8790

- Your chauffeur ?

- And then you gonna ask me if I fly commercial ?... 



0-NYnov2011 8797

Blind date... ;-)



0-NYnov2011 8654

I'll be on the roof. (Ad libidum...)




0-NYnov2011 9368

I can see you. 




0-NYnov2011 8804

I'll be watching you.




0-NYnov2011 8811





0-NYnov2011 8817

Just a McQueen dress.




0-NYnov2011 8836

Halloween, 2 (or a clockwork orange ? ...)




0-NYnov2011 8844

Just another doll.





0-NYnov2011 8859

Yes, white is snow.




0-NYnov2011 8937

The day after, 1




0-NYnov2011 8896

The day after, 2.

- They call it a "park" and it's just a garden ?

- It's a park. Anything is possible. This is NYC. 'See the heart ?

- Yes. And then ?

- It's a park.



0-NYnov2011 8910





0-NYnov2011 8922

I love blinds.




0-NYnov2011 8942

I'll be outside.




0-NYnov2011 8952

Don't ask me why. Don't ask. Don't.




0-NYnov2011 8986

One of my favorite doors in NY. Light playing.




0-NYnov2011 9002

White flowers for a Lady.




0-NYnov2011 9015

Halloween, 3

- And nobody told me ?

- Everybody knows.



0-NYnov2011 9028





0-NYnov2011 9030

Room with a view, 2




0-NYnov2011 9039

"Photography strictly forbidden". Sure. But I love challenges. Especially for Vermeer. 3 out of 33 here...

"Girl, interrupted at her music."




0-NYnov2011 9071




0-NYnov2011 9092

Less quiet.




0-NYnov2011 9104

I'm off.




0-NYnov2011 9106

The white sheets. As always. 




0-NYnov2011 9131

Some place.



0-NYnov2011 9137

- You can take the train also.

- the what ?



0-NYnov2011 9141

The door to nowhere.




0-NYnov2011 9153

Life is a puzzle, 2




0-NYnov2011 9155

Light through Hell.



0-NYnov2011 9160

Artist : Hong Gon Byun. @ Brooklyn.




0-NYnov2011 9161bis

Artist : Hong Gon Byun.



0-NYnov2011 9183

Woman walking, 3




0-NYnov2011 9198

Woman thinking, 2




0-NYnov2011 9201

NYC. Full stop.



0-NYnov2011 9217

Maybe that's why. Why I like myself better here. That unique reflection.



0-NYnov2011 9223

Familiar silhouettes, 3




0-NYnov2011 9243   

Can't have enough of this.




0-NYnov2011 9255

Halloween, 4





0-NYnov2011 9279

Always easier to go west. There is always a last day. "Always" is underrated.




0-NYnov2011 9307

Halloween, 5. Packing. The tracks.




0-NYnov2011 9336

I'll stay inside for a while.




0-NYnov2011 9339

Bye, Andy. Like you.




0-NYnov2011 9341

Bye, Bunny. Love you.




0-NYnov2011 9344

Life is a puzzle, 3




0-NYnov2011 9370

Primary colors. Let's keep it simple.




0-NYnov2011 9375

Loading, running, unloading.




0-NYnov2011 9382

One of my favorite streets in NY. Like a slow motion movie. Any time.




0-NYnov2011 9399

Forbidden place. 




0-NYnov2011 9405bw




0-NYnov2011 9406

I used to live there, and there, and there. Windows on 23rd. 222 W.



0-NYnov2011 9412

Take me high, 2.



0-NYnov2011 9414





0-NYnov2011 9418

No words.




0-NYnov2011 9419





0-NYnov2011 9423

The "contact-sheet" building. From the Chelsea Hotel.



0-NYnov2011 9409

"Under construction", they said.

Under deconstruction.




0-NYnov2011 9428

Some ghost, just around the corner.



0-NYnov2011 9440

Looking up.



0-NYnov2011 9450

Love this hour. Entre chien et loup. Time to go.



0-NYnov2011 9457

- Good things must pass.

- Disagree. Bad things must pass.   



0-NYnov2011 9464






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