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The clock is ticking.

The world is turning.

The clock keeps ticking.

The world keeps turning.

All the clocks keep ticking. I suppose that's what the clocks are made for. Ticking.



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Anne D. 11/01/2010 22:56

Dearest E.,
1/ Hey, don't talk to me about the rabbit, that's the ultimate version of myself : "I'm late, I'm late..." ;-)
2/ Coldplay : It's cool, but... kind of overrated + they make me think of U2 & a few others, and, as you know, even U2 (luv' them though) is slightly overrated, actually - Am I bitchy here ?
3/ Rock around the clock... Hmmmmmm ;-))) sooooooo cool. Nevertheless, you're definitely connected with the 50's... For some music ; Since as far as you angel's face is concerned, I don't buy it
4/ An album called "punch the clock" by Elvis Costello... check it... especially "everyday I write the book" + "invisible man" + "shipbuilding" ... well, the whole album, indeed
5/ and what about a clockwork orange ? ...

Emeline 11/01/2010 19:56

And what about :
Alice's White Rabbit ?
Or Coldplay's song "Clocks" ?
Or the Rock Around the Clock ? (Please tell me you remember this song !!)