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" - 15 persons saw her. Escaping. It happened here.

- Did she say anything ?

- Yes. She said : "I can fly, if asked gently. If asked gently. "

- And then she flew away...

- Yop. Just like that. On her birthday. She vanished. She was smiling.

- At least we can keep the window.

- You're right. We can keep the window. "




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Anne D 06/22/2010 00:15

Or : Just move your arms together. And fly, not jump. I'm asking you, gently.

Anne D 06/22/2010 00:14

Don't do that, unless you hold my hand when you jump. xoxo

Cha. 06/21/2010 19:23

I think I just need to jump by a window. I'm not the only one.