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00-2011-new-3956.JPG - Isn't she lovely ?

- She is a "he", Mum.

- Oups.










00-2011-new 3946 - Is somebody watching ?

- No. Go on, Mum, just do it !

- Son, you're the best...











00-2011-new-3942.JPG - I want to introduce you to Olympia. We know each other for a long time, it's a long story. I have to say hello to her. But I warn you : she is naked. Is that allright with you ?

- No problem, Mum. That's cool.











00-2011-new 3958- Where are we seating tonight ?

- I don't know yet. Surprise, surprise.

- Any seat close to you is the best seat, anyway.












00-2011-new-3985.JPG - It's nice to be here with you.

- Yes. It's nice to be here with you.
















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aléna 02/27/2011 10:54

émouvant. :)