Published by ANNE DENIAU aka ANN RAY

A tribute to my Friends.

For once, I can shut up. Images speak.

When I'm Frozen there are Friends.
Please Forgive me if I Forgot someone... 

I went quickly through my i-Fone
Found most of them. Most oF.

Friends, like a Family, and real family, and everyFing else : details, places, lights.

Voilà. No names. Friends. Fantasy. For nothing. For some are dead, and some are alive. For they make liFe beautyFull. Beauty. Full.


I'm oFF now.




& more in FANTASY land...

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Anne D. 11/04/2009 07:38

N'est-ce-pas ?
Bettina disait souvent ces mots, de sa belle voix, avec de la lumière dans les yeux... : "N'est-ce-pas ?"

Comment allez-vous jeune femme ? jeune fille ? ma-de-moi-selle ? ;-) x

Cha. 10/25/2009 18:41

Friends are everything :)