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Feeling Home. I.

Looking under the table. Slightly more complicated. Tied, untied. H like Home, H like Hidden under a table.

Feeling Home. II, III & IV.

Making a note of that : everywhere I feel Home, there is a window somewhere. Hidden somewhere.

Very first time I was back to old feelings. H like Here. Here, today. H like Happy. I've been Happy Here today. Feeling Home.
















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Anne D. 11/01/2010 22:59

Somebody said about home... : It never changes. You are the thing that has changed, you are responsible for the different feeling. Home hasn't changed, you just did. So true...

Emeline 11/01/2010 19:53

I'm glad it happened. Nothing feels more distateful that feeling like a stranger where it used to be home. I'm glad. Really. xoxo

Anne D 10/31/2010 19:57

Nice of you to say so... Yeah, step by step. It happened, just like that. Happy, here, again. That was possible, then... ;-)

aléna 10/31/2010 17:12

les dernières phrases me font plaisir :)