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Outside, daylight. On the terrasse of Tate Modern. 2010.

2 women. Haven't met for 10 years. 1 real conversation.

Serendipity : Coincidence. Chance. Luck. Hazard. Random.

Estimated time : 1 hour.

Actual time : 3 and a half hours.



Facts. Life. Love. Death. Accidents. Experiences. Images. Key moments. Celebrity. Humility. Choices. Changes.

Fate. Twist of fate.

And then... :


‎"It's very easy to become invisible. Not to be noticed. You always choose to be seen, or unseen."




01-2010 2397


01-2010 2398

01-2010 2396




01-2010 2441




01-2010 2439



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