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- Je voulais te souhaiter un non-anniversaire. Anyway. It's your birthday. Your birth's day.

- A no-birthday... You're hurting yourself. Why do you do that ?

- Beyond my control. Et puis... Il se passe des choses absurdes. Ils t'ont mis dans un musée, tu sais. I read that : "... rentre au musée." Big titles. So soon. Makes me sick.

- I know. Somebody told me. You should go.

- Certainement pas. J'irai pas.

- Don't be stupid, of course you will. And you should. Just to let your thoughts wander. And then, just to let me know... 

- I don't need a museum. You've always been in my Pantheon, since day one.  I think of you every single day. Time and place don't matter. I don't need a museum. It's too soon or too late.

- ...

- What would you like for your birthday now ? I'm lost.

- You used to give me many special things. On any kind of day. I gathered them, you know. I used to keep everything.

- I know. Somebody told me. Everything kept preciously. Just wanted to make you happy. What would you like for your birthday now ? Help me... 

- Hmm... Maybe I could cry for the moon. Maybe you could promise me the moon ?

- Done. Whatever it takes.





Pantheon, Roma.



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