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I had to leave. Early. And so I left.

Everybody was elsewhere. And suddenly I was perfectly alone.

Everything was silent. Pure silence. Nobody. Not a single breath nor noise. Believe me, a few hours before it was crowded. It was, and it was not any more. The moment has vanished.

And just like that, I noticed this pure silence. Beautiful. I stayed there a few minutes, in this beautiful silence. Beautiful. And scary. I didn't feel alone anymore. I had to run.

And then I started to walk faster. They say ghosts live in theatres. I can believe them.



Same place, different time. The whole difference.












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aléna 04/04/2011 12:07

étrange? amusant! je le trouve parfait. Si beau quand tout se tait et ne reste que l'essentiel.

Anne D. 04/03/2011 23:48

C like Chhhhhhhhttttt ! ;-)

sc 03/31/2011 15:57

Ce billet est pour moi un peu "étrange". C... like Coppelia ?