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- Please take your time...

- Too late, I'm done. You said it before, anyway...

- And... ?

- I surely took my time. That's the only way, with oil painting. 12 hours in a row. Standing. Could hardly walk when I had finished.

- You didn't feel the pain...

- You never feel it while painting. It's been a fantastic day. Long, long, fantastic day. My name was blue hands. Or yellow face. Or red arms. Covered with paint. Carried away.

- Brush or knive ?

- Knives. Only knives.

- It's difficult...

- It's interesting.

- Any favorite colors ?

- Mars black & Titanium White. Noir de mars & Blanc de titane.

- Good title...

- Definitely. Awfully good title.

- What were you painting by the way ?

-  ( ... )

- Well, I know you, you gonna tell me at the end. Please take your time.










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Anne D. 03/31/2011 08:50

"on ne peint jamais ce qu'on croit voir, on peint le coup reçu, à recevoir." Staël écrit ces mots en 1949.
Merci pour toutes les couleurs que vous mettez ici et là... Infinie palette...

sc 03/31/2011 08:34

Noir et blanc et couleurs, création et feuille blanche. intermittence de la vie...