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- (phone call) Hey ! Back on the road !

- Great, I'm almost done with work. One last appointment & at last we can do the Moon Street thing. How much time do you need ?

- With you in 20 minutes.





- It's called theory ?!

- I know. This is where I'm going.

- Ok. I'm back in one hour.

(one hour later)

- Outside.

- Ok, I'm coming.


- Moon street ?

- Moon street.




- Here we are. Moon street starts here...

- Quiet, and intimate. Exactly as I wished it would be... Can we stop for a while ?

- Of course we can.




- Please attract him.

- Ok.

- The lunar cat...




- Are you good with directions ? I'm awfully bad. Looking for the north light.

- (showing) North is there.

- Ok. Then it could be on the third floor, on the other side.




- Number 17 maybe ? Love this figure, love the blue color of the door too. What d'ya think ?

- Number 17 is right. It's the right house. Pick this one.

- Ok. She lives there then.





- What is the closest tube station ?

- Angel.

- Can you stop ?

- I can't. Will slow down. Give you 3 seconds.

- Done.




- D'ya know any other place with a good name ?

- Love Lane, in the city. The city is not so lovely, ya' know.

- Let's go there... Now you must think I'm crazy, asking you to drive me to all these places.

- I don't think so. And it's my job, it's my life, going anywhere.

- Not anywhere. Everywhere.




- Does it make a big difference if we go through Amwell Street ?

- No, we can do that. What number do you need ?

- N°10. The door in the shadow.

- What is so special here ?

- McQueen studio, for many years, before Clerkenwell Road. First time I'm back. It's been a while.




- How long do we know each other ?

- Don't know. I would say 4 or 5 years, but time is running so fast. The truth is probably 6 or 7 years.

- Or more.

- Remember when you drove me to the Olympic Studios ?

- Yes. That was the third time.




- Sorry but... Do you mind if we stop at Chequer Street ? Off Whitecross street.

- Fine. It's not far away. Are you sure you still really want to go to Love Lane ?

- Absolutely, but what about stopping for a coffee after Chequer street, and before Love lane ?

- Ok. Sounds good. Why Chequer Street ?

- See the big windows, full of light, second floor ? ...






- That's where I used to live. It used to be a school. Never came back, since 2000.

- Why today ?

- Don't know, the right time.




- Checking places for photography or anything else... repérage in French. What's the word in English ?

- Reckon. Recky.

- Reconnaissance...


- D'ya know there is an Angel Gate, too ?

- Wanna see that.




- It's called Angel Gate and it's so hostile...

- Let move, let me drive you to Love Lane now.

- Ok.

- (driving)(looking in the mirror)(smiling) You're drinking your coffee with a straw ?!?

- I don't want to make a mess in your cab.




- I am aware all this driving may seem very bizarre to you. All this driving for almost nothing. All this apparently doesn't make sense...

- In life everything makes sense to somebody.

- ...




- Here we are. Love Lane. Cherry blossom in option.


- It is lovely, actually. Who's the guy over there ? Don't tell me it's Shakespeare ?




- Yes, it's Shakespeare.

- ?!? Beyond all hopes. Why everything is so perfect today ? Why sometimes everything falls into place ?




- So typical from the city. Nevertheless, I'm thinking of The Little Prince, le réverbère...  How do you call that ? 

- Lamppost.




- How do you write a story ? Where do you start ? Do you have a title ?

- Title always comes first, the easiest part.

- ...

- I have a great title. Love it... Sorry, I can't tell you.

- I understand.

- Thank you. So I have the title. And then I write the end, and then the beginning, and then...

- And then you fill in the blanks.

- ... Yes... And then I fill in the blanks...














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