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©ADeniau LocationSID-1030909If some days can be surrealistic - beyond reality - then comes the question : what is reality ? What you may call "real life" maybe ? meaning, this weird, vaguely hostile thing that people call "reality" as a confused but definitely dark entity ? Did you ever notice that when people talk about "coming back to reality" usually they don't talk about having any kind of fun ? Hmm. I dont buy it. I don't have any respect for the supposed-serious things, nor for the sad-and-difficult-but-anavoidable sufferings that you're supposed to accept with calm and dignity. I'm ok for the dignity, not the acceptance. Suffering sucks. Any suffering that could be avoided has to be avoided. I don't believe in "good suffering", and neither do I believe in tough reality. Why then do some people keep saying "He/she leaves outside of reality" with that slight contempt in the tone of voice, evoking some kind of undecent escape from that shamely famous tough reality, showing disdain for the one who is not suffering enough, as if leaving outside of reality was a state of suspect felicity. Hmm hmm.

I don't need to escape reality. I never felt that. I try and love reality, or, my reality. And that's why I try and make my reality as comfortable as possible, as caressing or extra-ordinary or exciting or silent or wild or gentle, whatever it has to be for my confort and pleasure and peace of mind at one given moment. I find it easier this way. I want reality as an arch-ally, not like an enemy who built a prison, locked me in and endowned me with endless dreams of great escapes.
"Perception is reality" rings a bell for me, much more than the classical "come back to reality" as a sign of : "the party is over". 
"Perception is reality" is not only about creation, inspiration and fantasy land.
"Perception is reality" just means that you have to be very careful about perception. Yours, and the one of other people. About the image on the screen. About the screen itself. Since if you've been drinking, if you've been attending AA, if you courageously stopped drinking, but if your neighboors keep thinking - for some apparently good reason - that you're drinking, then, your reality is these people's perception : you are an alcoholic.
How can we trust, then, a world based on the seriousness of reality when reality itself is a very blur entity with a rock'n rolling definition ?

Maybe reality is just what happened. The facts. Yes but. Did you also notice that very often the truth can be unbelievable, and the lies can look very real and then be trust by reasonable people -anchored in real life - with the eyes wide shut ? Ha ha. 

Anyway. Believe it or not, here is how reality looked like today : 2 Venuses having a conversation - about angels-,  a few pairs of wings - probably from angels on strike-, and a white forest - where the angels are nesting-.

What if everything was fake ? Including your perception ? That's when it becomes interesting. The fake perception of a fake reality... Maybe that is where my reality stands, in the highly enjoyable alchimy of a double mistake. And then, the naked truth...

Enjoy ! 


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PS : did you noticed the ladders on some of these images ? Maybe angels use them to escape from reality. CQFD. ;-)

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Anne D. 02/05/2010 20:56

I thank you deeply. U're an angel ;-)

mimylasouris 02/05/2010 18:18

Reality is the name people give to their lacking effort to look at things. Then, they think your perception is sur-realistic because on top of hearing and seeing things, you listen to and look
them. Except from its artistic realisation (despite "realism" has fueled so many boring misleadings), I don't like reality, if it is to be taken in the narrow perspective of the news. Poor
invention to prevent people from raising above mediocrity. Nothing to do with the accuracy of your vision. I love it, just as the white trees which won't lose their leaves ever.