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Hey ! We're talking about La Sylphide here. Meaning :

A classical masterpiece, La Sylphide (pronounced Lah-seel-feed) is a romantic story about the insatiable human desire to find true love. When a forest fairy uses her magical gifts to attract a young Scotsman on the eve of his nuptials, the story unravels in a forest of uncertainty about whether love or longing is worthy of self-sacrifice." (sic)


When I was asked to photograph the rehearsals of The Sylphide at the Palais Garnier in Paris, I knew I wanted more. Of course I could do this :


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cADeniau2013-1324-2.jpg ©ADeniau2013-4906 cADeniau2013-4181.jpg

cADeniau2013-1720-2.jpg cADeniau2013-2786.jpg cADeniau2013-2936-2.jpg

[Warmful thanks to these amazing dancers from the Opéra de Paris - by order of appearance : Amandine Albisson / Dorothée Gilbert / Muriel Zuspereguy / Alice Renavand / Heloise Bourdon / Florian Magnenet & Ludmilla Pagliero / Mathias Heymann / Vincent Chaillet / Pierre-Arthur Raveau]



But I wanted more. I wanted something else. An angle. An intention. Strong photography, as strong as this love the ethereal Sylph is dying for. And to tell the truth, I love Rock'n'roll. So. Let's be serious : when talking about life and love and death for love, I could be wild in photographing, couldn't I ?


Rock'n'roll Sylph, most probably for the very first time :
















Ann Ray 2013



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