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Some people are Special.

Some instants are Special.

Sometimes it just happen. Just like that.










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Anne D 04/28/2010 17:11

By the way, I've been thinking a lot about beauty recently. Sometimes beauty, plain beauty can be so boring. I will write some day about what is beauty, according to me, what kind of faces are
beautiful. Beauty-full.
Some other time, I don't feel like writing here these days...

Anne D 04/28/2010 17:08

1/ No.
2/ Pardon me, but... It has nothing to do with beauty. It deals with connections. London was, is, will always be full of connections.
3/ ;-)

aléna 04/28/2010 15:53

J'ajoute : beau, pas comme on dit d'un beau mec, beau de douceur, de cette sorte de tendresse pour la vie. Beau, comme ta photo.

aléna 04/28/2010 15:51

Ai-je le droit de dire : "et en plus il est beau"?