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I have a friend.
He would go in the deep end of Russia - when it was not crowded with new millionnaires and Dior shops -, driving a motor-bike, meeting dangerous guys, drinking vodka until the end of the night after getting almost killed.
And then he would send me a postcard with just a few words : With love from Russia - Still alive.
True story.
Now : S like Still alive. S like Siddharta.
How could I not feel alive when I'm watching this ?
Simple, and phenomenal.
Embracing life. Feeling the energy.
& S like Smiling.
And as an echo to something I read about me... Yes, my whole life is based on shocks. Human, and esthaetic shocks. Full Stop. Shocks are the foundation, the feed, the energy, the streamline, the light. They are driving my life. They are guiding my life. They are shaping my life. Thus, keeping me alive. being a white page ready to receive shocks could be the definition of my being. And then, the alchemy : making it my own, translating it into instants, images, and words. And as a woman I loved would add, "a choice is a shock", too.
S like Simple.
Or... ;-)
S like Shock ? Voilà :

(Nom) impact
coup [masc.]. choc [masc.]. heurt [masc.]. décharge [fém.]. secousse [fém.]. commotion [fém.].
saisissement [masc.].
(Verb.) heurterchoquercommotionnersecouerbouleverser.
(Adj.) Stupéfiant 

Shock therapy: traitement par électrochoc [masc.].
Shock absorber: amortisseur [masc.].
Return shock: contrecoup [masc.].

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aléna 03/22/2010 22:43

ça, c'est somptueux! que dire d'autre?