Published by ANNE DENIAU aka ANN RAY




Taking time.

Taking the time to wonder what is essential and what is not, a wonderful time, wandering in the garden of wonders.



Her garden would be full of camelias. We would be surrounded by flowers, feeling a mild breath of air on the skin. I would listen to her, talking about flowers, I would watch her picking a white camellia, I would listen to her evoking one of the most elegant women she ever knew, one of her friends. I would take time to listen to her explaining how her friend would always manage to wear a white camellia, on a jacket, or a coat, or a blouse. Just like that.
And I would think to myself that one of the most elegant woman ever is actually that woman, standing just in front of me, my Dearest Mom. And at that very moment I would see my Dad, looking at us from inside.







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