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No matter what you think, how you feel, where you go, who you meet, when it happens.

Some things. You can never get enough.

No matter how many times it may occur in a lifetime.

It still works.

Clouds. Words. Music. Truth. Lights. White pages. Serendipity. Loved ones. &... Sea. 


And just like that,

When you're mesmerized, dazzled and flabbergasted by all the things you can never get enough,

All the things that can't get lost in the fire,

Something quietly happens.

You remain exactly the same while you move one step forward.


Like a mobile home.





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    00-2010-last 2893


    00-2010-last 2908


    00-2010-last 2869








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Emeline 10/22/2010 18:57

I also want to see the sea... !!

mimylasouris 10/21/2010 16:40

When I read the title, I wondered what were those things that you lacked. Well, I realized that's more things you'd miss. C'est le plaisir de la variation, et c'est pourquoi j'ajouterais la
variation du répertoire dansé aux variations musicales ou nuageuses, aux discussions variées que l'on a avec ses amis et aux mots jamais avariés, that you can't get tired of.