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Usual words. I've been using these words, all of them, for so many years. The London years. Talking, writing, thinking... And I still do. I was looking for something tonight, a specific english word, and in my search, I found a list. Of usual expressions. Usual words.

And just like that, I erased a few, I gathered them, and I had the most perfect, subtile, sybilline letter.

I wished I had written it from scratch. I wished I had sent a letter like this.

The perfect letter. Words and silences. The whole story.




As far as I'm concerned

as far as I know

as far as I remember

as if

as long as

as soon as possible

all the best

awaiting your reply

as you know

bye for now

be back later

be back soon

I'll be seeing you

before I forget

believe it or not

better late than never

be right back

best regards

warm regards

back to you

by the way

ciao for now


consider it done

call me

correct me if I'm wrong

see you

see you later

see you tomorrow

do I know you?

don't know, don't care

do you remember?

don't worry, be happy

don't you think so?

don't you agree ?

end of discussion


I will look into it

face to face

feel free to talk

forget me not

for the time being

from time to time

for your eyes only

for your information

gotta go

go ahead

got to go now

good job

God only knows

glad to see you

Hug and Kiss

hope to see you soon

have a good night

have a nice day

have fun

ha ha only kidding

how are you?

how should I know?

hi there

hope this helps

in any case

I see

I could be wrong

I don't believe it

I don't care

I don't get it

I don't know

it doesn't matter

I don't think so

If I remember correctly

I know what you mean

I may be wrong

in my humble opinion

I know

in other words

I totally agree

in your dreams

just to let you know

just a minute

just a second

just in case

keep talking

know how you feel

keep it simple stupid

keep in touch

know what I mean


leave me alone

let me know

long time no see

love always


my pleasure

miss you

mind your own business

needless to say

no comment

never ending story

never heard of that


never mind

nothing new

no pain no gain

never say never

need to know

not to worry

only for you

only joking

on second thoughts

on the other hand

over the top

please call me

pretty good

please let me know

private message

please tell me more

read between the lines


right now

are you okay?

so far so good

sooner or later

speak to you soon

sealed with a kiss

see what i mean?

see you later

see you soon

see you tonight

talk to you later

thanks again

that's all for now

thanks but no thanks

thanks A Million

thinking of you

talk to you real soon

waiting for you


wait a minute

welcome back

what do you mean?

what's happening?

what's up?

wish you were here

hugs and kisses

you'll be sorry

you gotta be kiddin'

you gonna love this

you know what I mean?

you never know

you're welcome

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah . . .













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