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... but I don't know why.

I love the Y.

And I love New York.


I don't know if New York is a symphony, but I know there are two Y in symphony. Anyway...Why doesn't matter. I just love New York. Yesteryear like this year and any other year. I am sad every time I leave New York. And this will last forever, each and every time.


Until I decide to stay.



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© Lillian Bassman / Staley-Wise Gallery






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Abrams Books catalogue.


Somewhere, The Smile.



Seems like every night there are strange animals in the city.





Lady in an elevator.




One way, if you say so.






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Libellule 04/30/2012 22:59

Flying to NY this summer. 2 months. Alone. It's the first time I'm going to the US.

Working in Central Park every morning, and wandering in the city in the afternoon, in the evening.. in the night

Cette excitation/peur/hâte au fond du ventre...

Toujours merci pour ces escapades photographiques, et verbales, et rêveuses, et... silencieuses... et.......