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Z. Here and now. Very close to A. Or very tempting... Last letter. If this were the last letter, what should I write to youNot much. I've been writing a zillion words here, and showing hardly less images.


Z like Zeal. Zeal for what ? "What is your biggest ambition in life ?" asked Jean Seberg once... "Quelle est votre plus grande ambition dans la vie ?" Zeal. Definition : Passionate ardor in the pursuit of anything; eagerness in favor of a person or cause; ardent and active interest; engagedness; enthusiasm; fervor. Maybe I like zeal. Maybe, after all, at the end of the day, nevertheless, Z is a good letter to say goodbye. 


Here and now. This is for you : Some flowers. White, as always, as you know now if you started with A :




As for the question remaining, "what is your biggest ambition in life ?", you know the answer if you love Jean-Luc Godard as much as I do. If you started with A. Anyway, the answer is here, but feel free to find your own answer :




Let's be faithfull to the spirit here, from Z to A, music, images & words. Here and now, we have images, we have words, we need music. Z ? I can't think of anybody else than Ziggy Stardust. The only vinyl stuck on the wall in my office (may purists & David Bowie forgive me... I just enjoy having it in front of my eyes every day, for a zillion reasons) :





Here we are, Zen. Applying with zeal the concept. Z like Zis is another story. From Z to A, maybe, maybe not. Z like this wouldn't be Ze end of the world... Please do me a favor though. Please don't forget your biggest ambition in life...

Zeal in the right place at the right time.








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