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It's always tempting to stop this thing that I may call anything you wish but certainly not a blog.

I've been looking for another word. "Carnet de bord", says Wikipedia in French, I just checked. I like it. I liked it. Notebook. I have written this somewhere : what you may see in my notebooks. What is visible. What you choose to be seen.

Anyway. Just after the Y, the Z.

And the sensation.

Ze end. Every time I reach the Z. The same attraction.


I've been working at the Opéra de Paris recently. A production called "L'histoire de Manon". A ballet, for sure, but also theatre, drama, love, betrayal, and fight and anger and love again and death. Not less than that.

And I realize that what I love especially, what makes me take a few pictures in a row - whereas usually I like to stick to my motto "one image, one intention"- is this : the ends. When the curtain falls. When you remember you're in a theatre. When everything becomes less and less visible. When you're left with feelings inspired by a story that is not visible any more. Feelings far too vast for a simple viewer. Thus, staring at a black curtain.

Like on a blog ; you drop curtains where you wish, when you wish. You choose. What is visible. A few pages in a notebook.

So. L'histoire de Manon. Maybe I should show you the beginning too, since this man - Lescaut - seems to be already draped in the black curtain of the end. Everything is said in that image. And then, Acte I, Acte II, Acte III. The ends.




w©ADeniau2012 Manon1-0007-2   

The beginning. Stéphane Bullion.


w©ADeniau2012 Manon2-2666

w©ADeniau2012 Manon2-2667

w©ADeniau2012 Manon2-2668

Acte I, the end. Josua Hoffalt & Jeremie Belingard.


w©ADeniau2012 Manon2-3667

w©ADeniau2012 Manon2-3668

w©ADeniau2012 Manon2-3669

Acte II, the end. Aurélie Dupont, Jérémie belingard & Aurélien Houette.


w©ADeniau2012 Manon1-1722

w©ADeniau2012 Manon1-1728

w©ADeniau2012 Manon1-1730

Acte III, the end. Nicolas Le Riche & Claire-Marie Osta.



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alpha 05/15/2012 18:40

Oui, à la fin de cette "histoire de Manon", on ne se sent plus tout à fait comme avant... Une histoire bien sur, mais beaucoup plus que cela... Une mention toute particulière pour les trois
dernières photos de ce Z. Elles sont vraiment très émouvantes.