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Z like Zoé

Z like Ze last letter.

Ze letter to a friend. A precious one. Rare.


Zoé is more than a friend. She is so important to me.

She is, by the way, Ze best graphist & art director I know. Always subtle & witty. And she knows fantasy too...

Last time we worked together we signed AZ22. AZ was natural. We said "twenty-two" together. Maybe since it was the 22nd of october. Mainly because 22 is a double 2. We both loved it. AZ22, let's keep that for the future.

We shared a Zillion moments together.

I made several homages here. Zoé deserves one. Because. Let me give you a clue. She is an angel.








Zoé at her place.




Princess Zoé, photographed by her father. © Vayssières.



00-paparazzi2 1055    

Zoé, as a star in the Paparazzi thing.




AZ22, yesterday.




Recent works by Zoé.




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